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Don’ t ask me why, since a while when I see windows I can’t help me and I have to memorise them.

Here are some examples


If anyone has the same awkward passion then I recommend Lisbon for next vacation – beautiful house facades everywhere!




Left Overs

A view weeks ago, my mum gave me the idea to look after left overs (it could be that it is not the right word for the german “Restposten”) on ebay in the category “craft”.
I was pretty excited to find so much different kinds of stuff and of course so cheap!!

My first project were 200 wooden “pearls” which I’ve used to make bracelets:

So now I still have about 20 curtains to do something with. That is a lot of fabric, I can say ;)

Knitted Handbag

A few while ago I was knitting a small handbag (the blue-beige one in the middle of the photo with the deer on it ^^).

But I had no idea how to create a robust strap for it. First, I was just knitting one, but I have to say that was not such a good idea. By wearing the handbag the strap got longer and longer and longer.
When I had tidied out my wardrobe last weekend,I found (hopefully) the perfect solution.
In the deep of my wardrobe there was an old belt (the green one on the picture) that I am not wearing any more.
So now I’m trying to make the perfect strap by knitting around this belt. I hope it works ;)

I will keep you up to date ^^.


Very Welcome …

… to my new blog. Yes NEW ! I already had a blog for a while but just for fun and to update my family and friends about my stay in New Zealand. This time I will write about all my interests that includes of course New Zealand and travelling in general, photography, stitching, knitting, other DIY stuff and Computer Science things … Yes sounds weird: Computer Science AND knitting?!? We will see what happens ;)

On flickr you can already find some photos that I’ve took in the past few years.