Knitted Handbag

A few while ago I was knitting a small handbag (the blue-beige one in the middle of the photo with the deer on it ^^).

But I had no idea how to create a robust strap for it. First, I was just knitting one, but I have to say that was not such a good idea. By wearing the handbag the strap got longer and longer and longer.
When I had tidied out my wardrobe last weekend,I found (hopefully) the perfect solution.
In the deep of my wardrobe there was an old belt (the green one on the picture) that I am not wearing any more.
So now I’m trying to make the perfect strap by knitting around this belt. I hope it works ;)

I will keep you up to date ^^.


3 Responses to Knitted Handbag
  1. yoojin sagt:

    OMG, that’s sooooooooooooo beautiful!!! :D :D :D What a cool idea! :D (I also crocheted once a bag…did I show it to you once?)

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