I really do like photos – to look at them – to take them – everything. When I was a child, you just needed to push a photo album in my hands and I was busy for a while. When my older brother had given me his SLR when I was about 15 years old, I was the happiest kid on earth.
Here on my blog I would like to share a few photos that I have taken and from time to time also refer to pictures which I think are great and the impressive.

What I do love about photos is that a photo reflects exactly what the photographer saw at the moment when the photo was taken or how he has seen the world at that exact moment. That is one reason why I think pictures of my family when I wasn’t even born are one of the most interesting pictures.

I also like moving pictures, they tell a story in a very different way and I like the fact that everything is somehow possible. Unfortunately, I have soooo many other creative things that I also very enthusiastic about, such as hand crafts, painting, knitting, … but you know … like always … there are too less time and so many beautiful things to do. Oh and I forgot, actually I work as a research scientist. My research area is computational engineering, what I very much enjoy, too.

You can find all my pictures on Flickr.


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